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Hey there, they call me Amanda Suk. I also call myself Amanda Suk. Well, I don't call myself but sometimes I do text myself reminders. Is this where I say I'm also an actor?


Okay, I'm a lot of things so to narrow it down I've come up with the following: I am a self-proclaimed "creative nomad" with an affinity for storytelling in various formats. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri followed by a 5-year stint in NYC and now residing in LA -- I like to think of myself as an eclectic blend of all the cities that cultivated me. I am particularly fond of making, at the very least, myself laugh with awkward and/or ill-timed bad jokes. In addition to acting, I do still dance both professionally and unprofessionally/publicly on the streets as the best bad dancer in LA...dare I say, the world (yet another self-proclamation).


I'm acting like I'm okay. Please don't interrupt my performance.

- Unknown


I'm glad you somehow found your way here. For whatever reason that is (possibly because you're passing time on the toilet as I am now while writing this), enjoy the handful of minutes you've wasted doing whatever one does on a personal website page. Now, either book me for a job or get off the toilet and get me ice cream. Oh wait, that was just a note to self. The demands are high.


Much love,




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